Anaconda Tour

Departure Date



5 days 4 nights



Maximum Seats


Included In Your Tour

2 Nights In Jungle Lodge
1 Night In Jungle Camp
1 Night In Native Home
1 Complimentary Night In Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Experienced & Bilingual Guide

Tour Overview

Day 1

Leaving Manaus, Meeting of The Rivers, Swim with Pink River Dolphins, Visit an Indigenous Tribe, Witness a Native Jungle Ceremony, Arriving At The Lodge

Your tour begins at 07:30AM in the morning. Leaving from the Manaus port, we will sail downstream the Rio Negro river, stopping at the meeting of the waters (Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes) where your guide will tell you all about this spectacular sight.

Afterward, we continue our travels to the perfect spot to swim with some of the most majestic creatures one can find in the Amazon: Pink River Dolphins. Here you have the opportunity to take photos, feed the dolphins and even swim with them, before continuing to the next experience of your tour: namely, visiting an indigenous tribe and witnessing a native jungle ceremony.

Having experienced this, we travel onward, eventually arriving in the small fishermens village of Careros da Varzea.

From here on, we travel by minibus to the Paraná do Mamory river until Juma Lake (one of the many tributaries of the Amazon river).

On Juma Lake, we take a short boat ride to your accommodation: our beautiful and comfortable Jungle lodge, Ipanema's Lodge.
Day 2

Learning To Catch Piranhas, Exploring The River, Catching Caiman, Jungle Stories

We start the morning with a freshly prepared breakfast of rice or pasta, vegetables, beans and meat is served by our chefs, followed by a short resting period. Once rested and food digested, we go catch the next meal - Piranhas. In a motor canoe armed with nothing but a stick, fishing string, a hook and some chicken, you'll get to know the notorious piranha up close and personal.

For the remainder of the day, we explore lakes, islands and flooded lands. We head back to our lodge for lunch and then set our to further explore the beauty of the Amazon river: you can swim in the wild freshwater rivers, watch Pink and Gray dolphins hopping about and witness a marvelous Amazonian sunset at Tucumán Lake.

Having feasted our eyes on the sunset, we return back to our lodge for a hearty dinner even better than lunch; included are the piranhas that you caught only a few hours earlier.

After dinner, explore the Caiman's lake for alligator spotting, attempting to spot and catch a Caiman with our bare hands, giving you the chance to hold one yourself.

Finally, we return to the Lodge for some Caipirinha time (a refreshing jungle drink), accompanied by authentic jungle stories told by our guides.
Day 3

Sunrise Viewing, Piranha Fishing, Deep Jungle Exploration, Learn Jungle Survival Techniques, Build Jungle Camp, Sleep In The Trees

We start the day at 5AM, the perfect time to experience the Amazon at its freshest, floating upon the Amazon river with the sun rising steadily above the water and birds waking up all around.

Having woken and refreshed our minds, we return to the lodge for breakfast and to prepare for our jungle exploration.

To get to the starting point of our jungle route, we paddle through narrow streams, making a stop along the way to fish for Piranhas once more and see how you've improved, until arriving at a short hill by the river's foot, beyond which the starting point of our trail lies.

In this pool of primary jungles, you will learn various survival techniques, which are to help you in your overnight stay here in the jungle - you will learn how to make fire in a wet forest, how to climb trees that seem impossible to climb, how to spot the strongest and most resistant lianas, and how to use them to construct your camp. You will also learn how to make traps for hunting and how to fish with spears or bow and arrow.

As the evening approaches, we construct our camp of jungle hammocks in the trees and prepare a fire to cook our meal.

After dinner, we relax, socialize, and fall asleep under the stars to the symphony of the jungle.
Day 4

Jungle breakfast, Native Amazonian bath, Bird & animal watching, Visiting Native Community, Learn Jungle Skills from Natives, Night Spear Fishing, Sleep In Native Home

Having had a refreshing night's rest in the jungle, we prepare breakfast on a fire, pack up our camp, and set out for another beautiful day in the Amazon jungle.

We wash ourselves in true Amazon style: sitting in the boat in the middle of the river and using half a coconut to splash water on ourselves. We then set out to Explore the rivers by a gentle peddle, observing animals on the flooded lands and birds of various sorts majestically soaring above.

Having satisfied our taste for adventure, we head back to the lodge to satisfy our taste for food.

After lunch, we make our way to the Mamory river, where we will spend the rest of the day living with the natives and learning various jungle skills from them.

When evening falls and dinner has been had, we head out on an exciting night canoeing adventure where you'll learn how to spear fish at night like a true native.

Finally, rather than retract to our lodge, we spend the night among the natives in their native houses, sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets.
Day 5

Wake Among The Natives, Learn Native Skills, Visit Remote Lands, Visit Medicinal Gardens, Visit Plantations, Jungle Exploration for the Biggest Tree, Learn to Climb an Acai Palm Tree, Return to Manaus

As usual, the day starts with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Afterwards, you will be able to learn the customs of the native people and spend some time inside the village.

You will visit remote plantations, learn about the natives' medicinal garden, see the Mandioca and Casava production and witness the rubber extraction process.

After that, we once more enter the heart of the jungle, to look for one of the biggest trees in the Amazon forest and learn to climb an Acai palm tree before returning back to the lodge for lunch.

When lunch is had and our bellies our full, we take a short break and start preparing ourselves to return to reality and make our way to Manaus port, where we arrive around 5PM.